Pinot noir or Chardonnay?

Côte de Nuits or Côte de Beaune?

Bottle or barrel tasting?

Young or old,

Ruby or gold,

Fruity, dry or tannic,

Wines are really magic!

Wine tastings with Beatrix 
Wether she’ll guide you to some hard to find, non-touristic wine-maker, introduce you to a renowned wine négociant or provide you a tasting in a wine school, you will be granted access to Burgundy’s genuine wine-making tradition.

Burgundy is to a large extend a region of small family owned domains. You will find that this confers a peculiar charm to your wine tasting tour and experience!
The sensory experience and appreciation of wine
How to judge the wine by its colour? 
How to smell, to taste, to drink it and to recognize its aromas?

What are the ways to describe a wine and to talk about what you are experiencing? 

How to distinguish between an Appellation communale and a Grand Cru?

How to recognize a varietal?
How to read a label?

Everyone carries his own inch rule of taste...        Henry Brooks Adams

Beatrix  will answer these questions and many more while you enjoy exceptional Burgundys in very special places, and thus widen the range of your perceptions. 

Alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health. Enjoy responsibly with moderation.

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