There are those who give with joy and that joy is there reward...  

                                                                                                      Kahlil Gibran


  Who is your Guide?



Her vast experience is put into your service to make your trip an enchantment. BEATRIX has reached that stage where knowledge flows easily and naturally. She has shown to be at her best in guiding specialists, wine producers from all over the world, VIPs and real wine lovers.

You will like her trips, with that rare mixture of deep, impressive knowledge and soft refinement! We suggest that you take a look at the testimonials showing a selection from the many letters of happy and satisfied clients that she receives.

BEATRIX knows Burgundy in and out and backwards! She will give you an insight of that beautiful country with its hidden treasures, wether you are looking for some Grand Cru or trying to find out why Burgundy is a craddle of Romanesque art. With her as a guide, you should be able to discover big and small producers, wine traders, and even a barrel maker; she’ll find this

«Cassis» with a unique black-currant taste or the kind of regional cheese that is never exported. And how about organizing for you a cooking-lesson in authentic French cuisine with a chef cook?

We almost forgot to tell you... BEATRIX comes close to real trilingualism. She speaks fluently English, German and French with a high command of all three languages. You will appreciate the fact that she also masters all kinds of special vocabulary in the various fields of her activity, from oenology to Romanesque art, not forgetting of course, the subtleties of French gastronomy and Art de Vivre!

customized guiding

As a free-lance guide full of creativity, BEATRIX is in a position to customize your tours to your wishes, —and for best-value. Ask her to make an itinerary suggestion or create your own trip together with her, for half a day, a full day or several days.

Her flexibility and competence should allow to accomodated special requests if asked for in due time.

top language skills

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over 20 years of experience

Such a combination of a highly qualified tourist-guide and a top wine expert is truly a rare gift and you will surely appreciate this during your discoveries.

Your guide has studied oenology as well as art and history for six years, and owns the French diploma of a qualified national tourist guide enabling her to

guide you everywhere throughout France.  Her

attainments in everything pertaining to wine are

as impressive as her knowledge of historical sites.

She also works as a lecturer for the Wine school of

Burgundy’s Interprofessional Wine Board (B.I.V.B).

a real insider

a qualified guide and a wine-expert